jhw z dziecmi

To help all children
sleep well and tight,
Let us read them stories
without violence every night.

Jolanta Horodecka-Wieczorek

Horodecka-Wieczorek Jolanta– an author of fantasy literature and fairy tales for children (without violence)

She was born and lives in Piotrków Trybunalski. She is an author of fantasy literature (novels, short stories) and of over 160 fairy tales and children’s stories in verse and in prose, forty-eight of which have appeared on the domestic and the international market in more than 865 thousand copies. All her works for children are marked with the emblem ‘Stories Without Violence’.

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Since 2011, the author has performed the honourable function of the Ambassador of the Society of the Queen of Apostles’ Children’s Hospice in Mława, and since 2014 she has cooperated with the newly established Children’s Hospice in Gdynia, in which a library with her books has been opened.

The author does her best to help poor, sick and disadvantaged children. She is also involved in helping homeless animals; at her authorial meetings, she often tells children how to help one another and how to care for nature and help homeless animals.

Jolanta Horodecka-Wieczorek holds many authorial meetings in Poland and abroad, during which she shares with children such values as friendship, mutual help, love for the Homeland, people and animals, and, through her fairy-tale characters, and she teaches children how to avoid danger and violence in the contemporary world. She also holds many authorial meetings with adolescents and adults, widely promoting Poland and her hometown Piotrków Trybunalski. The author currently focuses on writing and publishing poems and biographies of such Great Poles as F. Chopin, T. Kosciuszko, or J. Piłsudski, and she also writes educative fairy tales oriented at environmental protection and further used as teaching materials.

The author’s books are also presented at many international and domestic book fairs, festivals and European forums. Jolanta Horodecka-Wieczorek’s works are also published in anthologies, magazines, newspapers and many other periodicals in Poland and abroad.

On the basis of Jolanta Horodecka-Wieczorek’s literary work, a lot of A-level papers as well as master’s degree and doctoral theses are created. The author also writes reviews, commemorative stories and advertising texts.

All of Jolanta Horodecka-Wieczorek’s fairy tales and stories, marked with the emblem ‘Stories Without Violence’, convey a deep humanist message, expressed in the form of a moral. Many of the stories are made into performances in schools and kindergartens, and teachers use them as didactic materials for teaching the Polish language not only in Poland, but also, for example, in Abakan in Siberia, in Sweden, Denmark, France, Lithuania, Ukraine and Canada.

More information can be found on the author’s website: www.jhw.com.pl and in an interview available at: www.cultureave.com and Gazeta